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Ultralight Uncompressed Realtime Wireless Monitoring

Paralinx is a cinema electronics company founded by Dan Kanes and Greg Smokler, two California-native ICG members, who seek to bring affordable tools to help all cinematographers and directors make films without the burden of wires dragging all over set. 

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What is the Paralinx Arrow?

The Paralinx ARROW is a wireless HD bridge designed specifically for use in the motion picture industry. The Arrow connects any high definition source to any any high definition viewing system.

Can I view the picture from the Arrow to critically monitor lighting and color of my production?

Yes. The Arrow system is fully uncompressed 1920x1080 HD. Your cinematographer and DIT can critically judge exposure and even create look-up tables of a raw camera feed with full confidence in the image. The Arrow is like being plugged directly into the camera without a cable.

How much delay is there?

The Arrow system features extremely low latency of less than 2 milliseconds with a fully uncompressed HD signal.

What is the transmission range of the Arrow system?

The PARALINX Arrow has been tested at a range of up to 320' between transmitter and receiver within line-of-sight (LOS). Distances vary depending on environmental obstructions or outside signal interference. Nominal interference and obstruction has yielded ranges of up to 150' non-line-of-sight.

What is the size of Arrow?

The transmitter is roughly the size of a pack of gum: 3.8 inches by 1.1 Inches by 0.6 inches. The receiver is about the size of a deck of cards: 4 inches by 2.2 inches by 0.6 inches.

Where can I purchase the Arrow system?

The PARALINX Arrow can be purchased directly from our webstore or from a member of our worldwide dealer network.

Why does the Arrow utilize the HDMI interface?

The Arrow utilizes the HDMI interface to be compatible with the widest range of cameras. The Arrow easily converts to HD-SDI by utilizing either a Decimator Design Decimator 2 or BlackMagic Hyperdeck Shuttle.

Does the Arrow utilize the AMIMON "WHDI" standard?

Yes. The Arrow system uses a specially enhanced version of the AMIMON WHDI standard in order to deliver you an uncompromised wireless HD experience. AMIMON produces the best chipset for wireless HD transmission available on the market today. The PARALINX implementation of AMIMON'S features goes above and beyond the capabilities of any consumer-grade WHDI device.

Can I achieve similar results with consumer WHDI products?

No. The Arrow is the only wireless HD transmitter system capable of the range and signal quality in its price and form factor. The PARALINX Arrow has been specially designed to meet the rigorous demands of motion picture production.

How many Arrow systems can I use at the same time?

We have successfully used up to six Arrow transmitter and receiver pairs at the same time in the same area. For best results with multiple systems, be sure to power-up each pair 60 seconds apart and be sure the receivers are about 2ft apart.

Can I transmit from one transmitter to multiple receivers?

The Arrow can transmit to only one receiver. The new Arrow Plus system has the added ability to transmit from 1 transmitter to up to 4 receivers. 

Does the PARALINX Arrow utilize WIFI?

The Arrow does not use WIFI or any form of encoding or compression. This is how we are able to provide such low latency and uncompromised image quality.

Does the PARALINX ARROW support 10-bit color in a 4:2:2 Chroma Subsampling?


Does the PARALINX ARROW support RGB and YCbCR color?

Yes, the Arrow supports both.

Can I utilize the Arrow receiver with DC power?

Yes, although this requires the use of a DC Receiver Power Kit available from our resellers.

What is Arrow Plus?

Paralinx ARROW PLUS is an expansion of the popular Paralinx ARROW wireless HD Transmitter and Receiver system for Motion Picture and Video Production. Arrow Plus allows the user the ability to have the same great benefits of the Arrow -- uncompressed wireless HD with up to 328 feet/100 meters line-of-sight range using a professional-grade Baseband transmission chipset that works in the unlicensed 5.1-5.8ghz Range with an AES128 bit encrypted signature -- but adds the ability to have up to 4 receivers simultaneously displaying the image sent from 1 transmitter.

This gives the user the ability to share picture with a Director, Camera Assistant, DP, or Client without the hassle of setting up redistribution -- as long as the Camera Team has the Arrow PLUS transmitter and the additional number of Arrow PLUS receivers (up to 4 at one time). All of this is available at an unprecedented price point, with incomparable customer service and support from Paralinx.

If I only want to purchase one or two Arrow Plus receivers now, will I be able to add additional receivers at a later date?

Yes--you can add Arrow Plus receivers to your Arrow Plus transmitter at any time (up to 4 receivers total). Linking your new receiver to your existing trasnmitter is a simple process that takes around one minute. Removing the link is also simple. This flexibility comes in handy should you, for example, purchase 2 transmitters and 4 receivers. You can have a 1:4 system, a 1:1 + 1:3 system, or two 1:2 systems.

Why can't I simply add an arrow Plus receiver to my existing Arrow 1:1 System?

We actually had to make physical changes to the silicon chips that run our system in order to maintain a PROTECTED ENCRYPTION SYSTEM for viewing while still allowing the system to multiplex to several receivers at once. If we could have done it with firmware we would have, but it is simply not possible to do that and maintain the standard of ultra low latency, ultra high picture quality, excellent range, and fair pricing that we offer with our systems.

When are you going to offer an SDI version of the product?

2013 will be an exciting year for Paralinx and our worldwide customer base. One thing we can promise is that -- no matter what we offer -- our existing customers will always have first crack at the new product. We will always offer a competitive upgrade and exchange option as our customer base wants it. NO ARROW LEFT BEHIND is one of our Mantras and we believe our customer is just as important as the blood sweat and tears that we have put into making our products a reality. Remember - we are Camera People just like you and we live, breathe, eat, drink, and dream for cinematography just like you do.

Can I get extra range from the Arrow Plus?

The Arrow Plus has the same great general maximum range of 328 feet/100 meters line-of-sight. Environmental conditions greatly affect the results that you may get with any wireless product; however, we have tested the Arrow Plus and found it to have the same great range as the original Arrow unicast system.

I want more range.

Don't we all? The Paralinx Team is working tirelessly on some heavy solutions to achieve more range without compromising our FCC certification and the legality of our product. There is no benefit in waiting for a new product if you can make use of our existing product, as generally customers will always have the ability to integrate new tech with the existing tech or trade-up to new items competitively.

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