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PARALINX | Realtime Wireless Monitoring

Paralinx is a cinema electronics company founded by industry professionals in an effort to free content creators from the burden of wires. 

4-Pin XLR to 2-Pin Connector Power Cable (60in)


4-Pin XLR to 2-Pin Connector Power Cable (60in)


This cable can be used to power an Ace SDI, Arrow-X, Tomahawk or Tomahawk2 via 4-Pin XLR from sources such as a block battery. 

**Please note that the input voltage of the Ace /Arrow-X / Tomahawk is 7-17v. Do not exceed this range**

Cable Length
60 Inches

2-Pin Configuration
Pin 1: Ground
Pin 2: Hot

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P/N:  11-1282

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