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PARALINX | Realtime Wireless Monitoring

Paralinx is a cinema electronics company founded by industry professionals in an effort to free content creators from the burden of wires. 

Paralinx Dart

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Paralinx Dart

from 1,899.95

The Paralinx Dart is an incredibly small long-range wireless monitoring solution providing visually-lossless HD video transmission up to 1000ft/300m. 

Dart ushers in a new generation of ultra-portable 5GHz wireless transmitters designed specifically for mobile action monitoring. Its integrated LP-E6 battery plate on the transmitter offers up to 2 hours of runtime from a single battery, while its mini-USB output allows you to power both your GoPro camera and Dart from the same battery. For extended periods of shooting, Dart can be connected to a 2.1A USB battery pack to keep the system operating for hours on end.

The Dart’s transmitter and receiver feature ¼”-20 and 4-40 mounting points to accommodate a wide range of camera accessories, allowing you to easily attach the system to any rig. Its chassis is constructed of milled aluminum and acts as a heat sink to ensure optimal operation in extreme environmental conditions. Despite its metal enclosure, the Dart system is strikingly lightweight, 100g (TX), 350g (Rx).

Dart’s micro HDMI input supports video signals up to 1080p30/i60 and its receiver can output via HDMI or HD-SDI, depending on selected model.

To power a GoPro Hero5 camera via the Dart's Micro-USB output, we recommend purchasing this USB-C power cable.

Technical Specifications:


  • Max range: 1000ft/300m
  • Video Input: Micro-HDMI
  • Resolution/Framerate: Up to 1080p30 /i60
  • Power Input: 5V/2.1A micro-USB, or Canon LP-E6 battery plate
  • Power Output: 5V/1A micro-USB
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.16 x 0.95 inches (68 x 55 x 25mm)
  • Weight: 100g (without antennas or battery)
  • External antennas: 2x 2dbi RP-SMA (5GHz)
  • Mounting Options: 1/4-20 & 4/40 integrated mounting holes


  • Max range: 1000ft/300m
  • Video Output: SDI or HDMI (depending on model)
  • Resolution/Framerate: Up to 1080p30 /i60
  • Power Input: (SDI) 7-17V 2-pin, (HDMI) 7-17V DC barrel
  • Dimensions:  3.4in x 4.5in x 0.6in (8.6cm x 11.5cm x 1.5cm)
  • Weight: 350g (without antennas)
  • External antennas: 3x 2dbi RP-SMA (5GHz)
  • Mounting Options: 1/4-20 & 4/40 integrated mounting holes

In the Box:

1x Transmitter
1x Receiver (SDI or HDMI model)
5x Antennas (2 for Tx, 3 for Rx)
1x PSU (international plugs included)
1x Micro-USB to USB power cable
1x PTap to USB Regulator Power Cable (18in/45cm)
1x Mini-USB to USB Cable (for firmware upgrades)
2x Micro-HDMI to Micro-HDMI cable
1x HDMI or SDI Cable (depending on receiver model)


Video Input/Output:
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10-1230 - Dart HDMI Transmitter / HDMI Receiver
10-1233 - Dart HDMI Transmitter / SDI Receiver

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